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Provisia Rice System to be Featured at Field Day

Growers looking for ways to manage fields where weedy rice has become a costly problem are encouraged to attend the Horizon Ag Louisiana field day in Kaplan, Louisiana, on June 27 to learn firsthand about the new ProvisiaTM Rice System.


Developed by BASF through traditional breeding techniques, ProvisiaTM rice is tolerant to ProvisiaTM herbicide, which received EPA registration in early 2017. Following the herbicide registration, BASF is partnering with researchers at Louisiana State University and Horizon Ag to bring the Provisia Rice System to market.


Provisia rice opens an opportunity for an effective crop rotation that allows for rice to be planted in consecutive seasons yet creates sustainable weed control in rice by rotating different herbicide modes of action in the field. Horizon Ag is providing an opportunity for growers to see the effectiveness of the Provisia Rice System in field days this summer, ahead of Provisia rice variety sales for the 2018 season.


“The Provisia Rice System is another important tool enabling rice producers to more effectively manage costly weed problems while planting high-yielding, superior quality Horizon Ag varieties,” said Tim Walker, Horizon Ag General Manager. “We believe Provisia rice will help extend the life of the Clearfield® system where it continues to have efficacy on grass and weedy rice, while also improving control options in areas where the Clearfield system is not as effective today.”


The Horizon Ag Louisiana field day, being held at Richard Farms in Kaplan, will include a 20-acre field of Provisia rice. Volunteer weedy rice was growing in the field at time of planting, offering attendees a great opportunity to see the effective control offered by the Provisia Rice System in a large-field setting.


The field day provides a view of the first Provisia rice variety being brought to market in 2018 in a commercial-sized field, and demonstrations of the two newest Horizon Ag Clearfield varieties, CL153 and CL172, both offering high yield and high quality.


“Education about proper crop rotation and best management practices will be important for integrating this new system into our existing rice programs,” said Walker. “Proper use and stewardship will be important for the long-term viability of keeping rice in our rotation.


Louisiana growers and the rest of the rice industry are encouraged to attend the field day to begin getting familiar with Provisia rice and how it fits in a rotation with Clearfield rice and other crops.”


Horizon Ag Louisiana Field Day

 June 27, 2017

 Richard Farms

 5632 Louisiana Highway 700, Kaplan, LA 70548

 Registration at 4:30 p.m.; tour begins at 5 p.m.


For more on Horizon Ag, visit


ProvisiaTM is a trademark and Clearfield®

is a registered trademark of BASF Corporation.


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